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The benefits we deliver to small BUSINESSES

Fuel cards are not only suitable for large organisations; businesses with just a few cars or vans can also achieve significant savings. Owners of small to medium sized businesses know all to well how day-to-day operational issues can get in the way of actually managing the business. The good news is that, as well as saving money on fuel, Onroute can deliver additional benefits such as improved cash flow, greater visibility on spend and reduced admin.

Free to set up, no minimum spend, no transaction fees and no minimal drawing penalties

With Onroute Fuel Cards there is no minimum spend. You don't have to sign a contract to work with us and we offer up to 21 days credit (subject to status) to help with cash flow. You can simply use us as and when it's convenient for you – so why not give us a try? Our success relies on customers using us to purchase their fuel, so we strive to deliver consistently low prices and a proactive service at all times.

Less admin saves time and money

Working with Onroute Fuel Cards not only helps save your company money, it also saves you time. We bill you directly - so you get one weekly or fortnightly invoice with all the required information relating to fuel transactions. This means no more individual fuel receipts and complicated invoices - and far less onerous time consuming admin. Having access to a comprehensive fuel management system allows you to create transaction reports and analyse the efficiency of your fleet.

Safe and secure - better for your business

Transactions for each fuel card are fully itemised showing the date and time of a transaction, as well as the location of the site and the quantity of fuel purchased giving you far greater control over potential abuse of claims. For additional security some cards provide a unique PIN which can only be used to purchase fuel and oil, eliminating the possibility of unauthorised spending. You can also instantly cancel lost and stolen cards on our online fuel management system, reducing the risk of fraud.

Potential savings of up to 10ppl at sites you may already be using - on your route

We can further reduce your fuel costs by mapping sites offering low wholesale rates that are local to your business or on your drivers preferred routes. You will save far more through discounts at the pump than you can gain through extra loyalty points. And our free download for sat nav or smart phone makes it really easy for you or your driver to find a site on your route. You’ll get a fixed weekly price that will apply to all your fuel drawings. This will be emailed to you on a Friday so you'll know exactly what you will be paying the following week. If you are not happy with the price you don’t have to use us, and if you don’t use us, we won’t penalise you - unlike many other companies. Our core wholesale business means we can keep our prices low - and this is how we will keep your custom.