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Why Choose ?

Set daily spend

Limit weekly spend

Limit spend per transaction

Limit the number of transactions

Limit which fuel stations drivers can use

Absolute control over fuel card usage

Control Plus gives fleet managers absolute control over exactly when, where and how their drivers use their fuel card.

Control rules can be set for individual cards or for whole groups and managed online via the online portal. When a rule is breached you will receive an automated alert (via text or email) and can select what action you want taken such as decline the transaction or decline the transaction and block the card. You will also be able to unblock a blocked card via the online portal and any changes submitted will be implemented within the hour. Control plus also provides you with additional visibility on spend through detailed daily or weekly reports.  

While designed primarily to increase the control that a fleet manager has over the use of his drivers, Control Plus also allows for quick identification and prevention of fraudulent use of stolen or cloned cards.